New Chop Suey Joint Webpage Finally Published!!!!


Everything and More.

It's been a long time coming, but as they say in Spain "cosas del palacio van despacio" which kinda translates as great things take time. Chop Suey Joint have XiP Multimedia to thank for all their hard work in creating this page.

The fabulous team of prorammers and designers at XiP have been pouring their energy into this for a couple of years. Their devotion to the task went way beyond the call of duty. As a result, Chop Suey Joint now have a very pretty webpage which the band can use to do some serious promotion.

It would have happened more quickly, but there was just so much content to process - photos, videos, new music, old music - and that was my job! Cosas del palacio...

We are experiencing a couple of technical difficulties with the Chat and Download pages, but they should be ironed out soon. Pardon the inconvenience - but we are sure that you'll find a lot to entertain you in the meantime.

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